Highland Mission is a program of the Highland Support Project to foster understanding and collaboration with Indigenous communities of the Americas that have experienced high levels of historical trauma and economic marginalization.

HSP believes in an approach which encourages education and independence within the communities themselves.


Highland Mission

The Highland Support Project (HSP) is an Advance Special of the Virginia Conference #5007 for the development of Youth and Young Adult Mission Education and Engagement.  HSP is a partner in the Pace Center.  The campus ministry of the United Methodist Church on the campus of Virginia Commonwealth University.  

HSP is also the official mission representative of the Guatemalan Primitive National Methodist Church in the United States.   HSP provides accompaniment services to the Guatemalan Church in the development of transformational ministries.

HSP provides guided devotional materials, readings and relevant speakers for partnering congregations.   HSP also has an array of mission-related fund development tools including a robust fair-trade platform and coffee sales to assist partners in the development of resources for their service project.   Also, HSP supports the training of young Guatemalan women in online fundraising and can facilitate effective campaigns with the tools such as Classy. 

We believe that mission is about relationships.   As a Highland Partners, congregations have the opportunity for ongoing engagement through hosting visiting speakers, advocacy campaigns, being a trade ambassador for mission social enterprise partners.


HSP’s founding vision is that the significant problems faced by humanity cannot be solved through scientific means. Only through living in GRACE and promoting the values grounded in love can problems of poverty, injustice and exclusion be addressed. We believe that we are called to be agents of transformation for systems of poverty and marginalization. Therefore, our focus is on development transformational programming that breaks cycles of dependency to foster agency and solidarity.

to support local efforts.  We educate, inspire and organize non-native communities to act in solidarity with first nations communities struggling to adapt to changing environmental, political and economic challenges.

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